Team shout-outs: celebrating a great start to the year together

We’ve had a month of settling into 2022 so I thought I’d share how we’re making an effort to celebrate our work and each other more.

One way we’re doing this is by asking the whole team to give a shout-out to someone each week. It’s a great way to show our appreciation for someone who’s helped us, been amazing or just made us smile each week.

It’s really helped to keep motivation high and boost the team spirit. It’s so lovely to recognise each other’s efforts and hear your work is valued by your peers.

My shout-out this week goes to everyone who came along to our belated Christmas party in Chelmsford a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing to see everyone’s faces!

Here are some of my favourite shout-outs from the rest of the team over the last few weeks.

A massive shout out to Charlotte (Campaigns) for leading on our Residents’ Panel work, her perpetual cheeriness, determination and organisation. I've loved working on this project alongside Scott (Social Media) too.

- Louise Alabaster, Senior Content Advisor

Thanks to all those who are working on campaigns with me. Great team efforts and loads of expertise. The usual cliches apply – there's no ‘i’ in team and teamwork makes the dream work! You know who you are - thanks.

- Eleanor Totman, Senior Campaigns Advisor

Shout out to the fabulous design team who are always busy but make the time to squeeze in that extra project when I ask. For listening when I am enthusing about my allotment and kids, for making me laugh when it’s all a bit grey, for and most of all for just being them.

- Terry Moore, Senior Designer

Every Family Matters has been one of my favourite campaigns to work on so thanks to Maria (Campaigns), Courtney (Social Media) and Amy (External Communications) 😊 A great team to be a part of.

- Zoe Alsford, Designer

Shout out to the Essex Energy Switch campaign team for all your support in the last auction campaign. Tricky comms with the energy market situation but great collaboration and teamwork and reacting quickly to changing demands! Couldn't have done it without you all!

- Charlotte Farrant, Campaigns Advisor

Shout out to Scott and Courtney from the social media team for making me feel super welcome and supported in my first few months at Essex County Council ❤😊

- Jackie Trailor, Social Media Advisor

Shout out to Bethany (Content) who has been holding our hand as we get used to our new email marketing platform, e-shot. Thank you!

- Sharon Asplin, Senior Internal Communications Advisor

Shout out to Maria (Campaigns) for her persistence with business grant case studies for a more personal touch to the campaign content 😎

- Scott Hornsby, Senior Social Media Advisor

Special thanks to the social media team for helping me out at short notice and so brilliantly. Love how my colleagues are still so supportive and helpful despite me being on secondment.

- Katie Canning, Senior External Communications Advisor

A massive thank you to the rest of the Content team - Louise for keeping me calm, Ellie for making me laugh and Charlotte for giving me great advice! Also thank you to Dillon, Wally and Bob (your dogs!) just for being adorable!

- Bethany James, Content Advisor

Shout out to the rest of the design team - Terry and Simon - for the support, teamwork and general awesomeness. Not forgetting the giggles 😊 It's a pleasure working with you both.

- Zoe Alsford, Designer

Shout out to my management colleagues – Andy, Karen and Claudia. Throughout one of the craziest working years of their careers you were always considerate of me and my preferences whilst on maternity leave. Keeping me linked into key activity, providing me with regular updates and linking me into recruitment, all done in a sensitive way. I truly appreciate this, particularly knowing how busy things are and the extra work and flexibility this required.

- Jess Baldwin, Manager

The internal communications team for stepping up and as a team being willing to support each other and the organisation picking up additional work, being extremely flexible with their time, commitment and output so that we could deliver key objectives linked to the Ways of Working programme.

- Anonymous contribution

External team - you have been at the frontline of the Covid-19 response, always going above and beyond, working long hours while always being ready to stand up and help colleagues. You should be really proud of the excellent work you have done!

- Anonymous contribution

…And that’s just a few of them!

I’m loving recognising my teammates’ brilliant work and it’s an amazing feeling to know you’re making a difference to them, too.

Colleagues at Essex County Council – do you have your own way of recognising success in your team? Is there anyone you’d like to shout out or say thank you to? Feel free to add your own in the comments below and keep the celebration going 😊🎉

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