2022 - what I got right, and what I got wrong...

Last year, I posed a bunch of quickfire predictions about what would happen in communications and marketing during 2022. Here they are – and here is my review of how I did. 

    1. We will become more diverse and more targeted in our use of social platforms.

      We’ve moved into Nextdoor, TikTok, and made greater/better use of LinkedIn. Twitter…? Let’s see what happens. I think it’ll survive and may even emerge from the Musk takeover turmoil even stronger. 

    2. The dominance of video will continue and grow

      Oh yes. But more importantly, our politicians are now asking for videos as much as they are asking for press releases. That’s key progress.

    3. We’ll all be saying the ‘traditional’ media matters less but the opposite will be true because of their independence.

      Hmmm. To a degree, but my sense is that small percentage by small percentage, they matter less. My big concern is the latest changes to BBC local radio. 

    4. Financial pressures on councils will mean we will need to re-prioritise explaining where and how every penny is spent.

      Definitely. This year’s budget is the first big test. 

    5. Linking both will be a new emphasis on transparency

      This hasn’t emerged. But it’s still important.

    6. …and working in the open (via blogs like this) will be more prevalent

      My big disappointment, because I like them as a communications medium. The issue is, who’s got the time to read them? We haven’t solved this. 

    7. We will see the first steps toward channels like Teams and Zoom moving toward virtual reality settings

      Again, this hasn’t really emerged. Yet…

    8. So, we’ll all need avatars (I’d love one, for vanity’s sake…) 

    9. Data will be everything…

      It is, and again, we are making progress – I have personally loved the level of granularity we can offer through platforms like e-shot and even Outlook… 

    10. …and will help us to justify our value and importance.


All in all, I’m giving myself 7 out of 10 for this year’s predictions! We’ve reached the finishing line (almost) of another year. 2022 will always remain with me as a year which confounded expectations, not least my main one, which was nothing could be as disrupted as 2020 and 2021 had been. I think it was even worse, owing to national turmoil and Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. 

For 2023, financial pressures are going to make it a harder year, so I’m going to challenge myself (and us, as a team) harder. Also, I’m going to focus less on channels and more on perceptions of local government and the issues we’ll be dealing with. 

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