A guide to our brand for all employees: why you should read it (often)

We know what you’re thinking - another document? Really?  

You’ll appreciate this one. We made it just for you.  the word brand spelled with wooden blocks, a human hand adds a megaphone icon

A guide to our brand for all employees was sent to your inboxes this week. If you haven't read it yet, we hope this blog post will convince you to do so. 

As communications and marketing professionals, the work you put out shapes our council’s image. Every time you publish information - whether it is a newsletter, flyer, sign-up page, social media post, banner - you represent our brand.   

As communications and marketing professionals, you are also pressed for time, racing towards deadlines and are busy handling multiple tasks.   

The guide to our brand for all employees is an abridged version of our complete brand guidelines (which contain everything communications and marketing professionals need to ensure our brand is consistently and accurately presented every time.) Its purpose is to make it easy and efficient for you to understand and follow the brand guidelines. This guide is your future best friend.  

How will the guide help you? 

360° overview of brand  

You might have have consulted our complete brand guidelines, but only accessed certain topics. This guide helps you get a quick peek into all aspects of the brand guidelines. A 360° look at what encompasses our brand will help you get a deep understanding of our identity, values and messaging.  


For a communications and marketing newbie, it can be intimidating and overwhelming to go through the full brand guidelines. This guide will help new Network members quickly grasp the essential concepts and practices and get up to speed with our brand without experiencing a steep learning curve. 

Reference guide   

This guide will serve as a handy reference guide that you can consult as you work. Having access to this document will help you work with greater clarity and confidence.  


We want to give you the knowledge and tools you need to independently create high-quality marketing content. We hope this guide helps you take ownership of the brand guidelines. Keep it close. Refer to it often. Create marketing campaigns with confidence. 

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