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We have lived through a period of great political, economic and social upheaval over the past few years, on a national and global level. There is no sign of it abating. But whatever the level of turmoil, our responsibilities in serving our residents and partners remain the same.

What does not change in all this is our brand. It’s what anchors us and actually, legitimises us.

So, let’s reflect for a moment on our brand, and how it enables us to do what we do.

Do we really need to care about our brand?

What comes to mind when you think of Essex County Council? Probably the services we provide, the logo, or maybe specific projects we are involved in. Our brand is a mix of all this, and more. Our brand is a manifestation of not just our visual elements, but also our aspirations, actions and our responsibilities to Essex residents and businesses.

If your job isn’t marketing or communications related, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about brand and brand identity. But regardless of your department and your role, your actions and decisions subtly shape the Essex County Council brand. So it makes sense for each department and each employee to understand the pivotal role that they play in shaping and maintaining our ‘brand identity.’

Understanding our brand

Our guide to brand for all employees has everything you need to understand our brand and represent it well. This guide specifically serves all employees, and not just those who work in communications and marketing. Do take a look – it’s really helpful and offers a comprehensive view of what our brand is all about.

Representing our brand

Our brand is visually and tangibly brought to life through logos, typography, imagery, and communication styles. This is our brand identity, and it offers a consistent and cohesive image of our council to the world. The visual and verbal elements that go into how our brand looks, sounds, and makes you feel have been carefully chosen to reflect our core values.

There is careful thought and reasoning behind each brand element. We use the font Lexend because it is friendly and flexible. Our colour palette reflects our brand characteristics - reliable and honest, and caring and accountable. We use photos that are honest and realistic, and illustrations that are warm and engaging.

When these elements are used correctly and consistently across communications, we build a memorable identity and trust among our audiences. If they are applied incorrectly or inconsistently, we dilute our brand and the trust people have in it. You can read more about our brand in the communications and marketing guidance on the intranet.

We’ve all got a responsibility to ‘own’ our brand and take care of it. This guide offers the tools to make that easy. I’m really looking forward to seeing how you bring it to life.

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