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Short links, tall problems: why you should stop using third-party link-shortening tools

Two dogs, the big dog is looking at the tiny dog.

Here is the complete guidance on using third-party link-shortening tools: Please don’t The end. Short isn’t always sweet. Or safest. If you have been using third-party link shortening tools in your communication materials, you can now eliminate that step from …

All that glitters is not social media gold: when high-engagement isn’t always good news

diverse group of people with negative emojis for faces

You are having a great social media day. A post goes viral, notifications are bursting out of your screen. Followers, comments, likes and shares are soaring. Perfect, until you realise your comments section has been overtaken by people complaining about …

Artificial intelligence and search: how generative AI is reshaping SEO

Business person using AI search on a laptop

Nothing keeps digital marketers on their toes like search engine optimisation (SEO) and the effect of Google’s ever-evolving algorithm on visibility and traffic. Well, you better put on comfy shoes, because artificial intelligence (AI) is now entering the scene. To …